Monday, February 7, 2011

What an amazing year ahead...

I am so excited about what is coming up this year. God is just so good. Those words don't even give Him the proper glory and honor He deserves for what He has done and is doing, let alone WHO HE IS! We knew this year would be the greatest year of our lives so far, and it is turning out to be JUST THAT. God has brought in opportunity after opportunity for us to headline shows for the masses. We definitely feel the transition into something bigger than we are...

We've always known how far God wants to take this, but I don't think we will ever stop being amazed at how BIG our GOD really is. If you can imagine it, not only can He DO IT, but He will do exceedingly abundantly ABOVE it (Ephesians 3:20)!

Can't wait for you guys to see everything unfold before your eyes the way it is for us right now.

On a side note, but in the same light:

*Stoked about the Give What You Got tour heading to Kampala, Uganda in July. It's going to be simply amazing.

*More than excited about you finally hearing CBF on the radio EVERYWHERE you go instead of hit & miss/here & there. Yep. You read that right... Starting in March we'll be launching a nationwide CHR radio campaign with "Walkin Away" being the first drop.

*We have a new fan club president. We'll be introducing you to her very soon :) She's the best! You'll grow to love her almost as much as we have ;) SPEAKING OF THE FIRESTARTERS: Don't miss out on the opportunities to get the INSIDE scoop on what's going on with us by signing up with the Official Fan Club... For instance: We're in the studio today working on new demos for a new unreleased project that only industry pros get to hear (UNLESS YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL FIRESTARTER). We are sending out full mp3's to our official firestarters at the end of the week, along with UNSEEN photos from recent photo shoots. Don't miss these opportunities.

Anyways, gotta get back to work... Just wanted to let you know how amazing our God is and what He is doing on our behalves... The beautiful part is, we want to take you with us... YOU ARE APART OF THIS. :) Love you guys SO much!


P.S. Don't forget! ALL of the latest public info can be found at ! :)

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