Monday, May 2, 2011

April - A Busy Blast!

We had some wonderful times in April. We did some cool stuff. We started on our worship record w/Ed Cash (wait, that was the last few days of March. oh well. same thing). We did some writing with some other artists in efforts to help try & launch the careers of other up & coming acts. We even shot a music video with Christian Hip Hop legends The Ambassador & Da Truth (our boy Mali was also apart of it). Really cool song called, "Misfits". Be on the lookout.

Right after we finished up with the video shoot we made a stop at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA for the 42nd Annual Dove Awards. That was pretty fantastic, not gonna lie. Our new friend Chris August swept the night (along w/Francesca). Pretty awesome night. Afterwards we had a heck of a good time w/Scott & Ed Cash at a local hot spot. Ate some things we shouldn't have (especially that late at night), but it was goood. It seems like all we did was laugh for 2hrs straight. Not even kiddin. My face was sore from all the laughing!

Just finished up the Invasion Tour this wk as well. It was nutz! Lots of early mornings. We invaded the Joplin, MO school system with our bro's Simon Pheonix & illusionist Cody Lowery. J.D. Buckridge emceed&hosted the events. Had a productive week full o that.

One crazy thing I experienced this week for the first time was a police escort to a meet&greet dinner. I mean, the whole limo thing is a given, but making other cars pull off to the side of the road cause we're goin to dinner??? WOW. I apologize to everyone who was late to where they were going because of that. ha. It was pretty cool though. Aint gonna lie. lol. UPRISING 2011 was an outstanding event that we thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for comin out Carthage, MO!

By the way guys. If you see a camera crew following us around in public. Don't ask any questions... It's a surprise. ;)

Love y'all!

Consumed by Fire

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